Daughters of Power Inc.

The vision for Daughters of Power, Inc. was formed and birthed out of my own personal life adversities and triumphs. These experiences of adversity led to the triumphs which ultimately helped uncover the passion of my heart. It was my intent that my two daughters would never be ill prepared for life's challenges. I did not want them going through life repeating the same mistakes that I made. 
As my daughters got older, I realized that this pursuit was not just for them but for a broader need within the world. So armed with this mission, as well as my desire to positively impact the lives of young women, Daughters of Power was developed. 
My promise to every young lady is to help them uncover their purpose and destiny in life. Daughters of Power will help them reveal their gifts and talents and allow them to apply them to any area of their lives. We will be an organization that values integrity and excellence and we will always be mindful of ways in which we can make a situation better.

​​The Vision